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A wrong cable USB can do that the battery does not charge well

The charger seems key to charge your battery in an efficient way. A charger with a certain power you can help to load quickly the battery of your mobile. However, if use a bad cable USB, all what you have in your charger may not be useful. And we are not talking about the Type-C, we are talking about overall quality of any cable.

Losing it loads fast

How much costs a cable microUSB? Not much money, little. A cable of quality, of great quality, can cost less than 10 euro. However, there are boots of load fast with three takes that cost less than 5 euros and include a cable USB. These boots could have prices of some 30 euros if the buy of a brand of guarantees. Many times, some users say that here only pay the brand, but not is thus in many cases. Not pay marks, but are paying quality. In certain cases it can Yes we pay something brand. But when we buy very cheap, are irrespective of quality, and at the time of working with electricity, that is bad. Not going to talk of the Chargers. Because who most who less has some quality device charger at home, as a Mobile brand. But it is easy to have cables that are not of quality, of which come gift with cheap devices. And many times we think that the cable does not is relevant, but yes it is.

USB Type-C

For example, we may lose efficiency. With a poor quality cable, all the power of a charger could disappear because of the cable. We could run out fast-charging, and get our mobile charge more slowly, or even, if we have a lit screen, could emerge the curious situation that the mobile is in theory charging, but the battery’s capacity drops. Why? Because not is provides more energy of which is spent. Everything is lost in the cable. A cable of quality could be relevant for charging the mobile more quickly. And the expenditure would not be very high.

A wrong cable is dangerous

But here we can also talk about how dangerous that can be a cable. Our mobile take one hour to load could not affect us if we loaded it at night. If our cable supplies power incorrectly, or if you don’t have the insulation required for different connections, it could generate a short-circuit or an overload. When we work with high power, this could ignite the mobile, or cause it to explode, and this would be serious. It would not only damage the mobile, but it also could jeopardize our integrity.

Well, don’t think that the cable is not relevant. Buy a cable for your mobile quality. Not accept any poor quality cable, and spend a little money on a wire that is guarantees.

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