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The 5 best Pokemon from Pokemon GO according to your points of combat

Is simple. To win those battles in Pokemon GO need Pokemon that are strong. So these are strong must have a high level of points of combat. But there are some that can arrive at figures more high that others. So, what are those 5 Pokemon that a time improved to the maximum will be the more strong of the game? Here you have people to day of today it are.

The 5 best of Pokemon GO to day of today

Before anything is there that clarify something. Today is 25 of November. That means several things. The first one that has already occurred the rebalancing of power in the Pokemon with the latest update and the arrival of Ditto in the game. But that means something more. The second generation of Pokémon not has arrived. As is logical, with 100 more in the game, the values of who are the more strong will vary, because some of them 9s will be in this list.


In addition to it above, also there are that say something. We are going to talk of them 5 best Pokemon captured. I.e., in the code of the game there are Pokemon that are theoretically better, but that still are impossible of get, so these them are going to ignore. What are the best Pokemon to get in this time?

  1. Dragonite (3581): Pokemon is dragon’s highest level of the game. It has a maximum of 3581 points of combat score, which is a figure very high. In addition, it presents a great defense against many types of Pokemon, and is also effective against many other types. Without a doubt, the best at this moment in the game. It is very difficult to achieve. Theoretically it could appear, although it is almost impossible. We can get it to evolve from Dragonair, which is also difficult to achieve. To Dragonair, we can get it evolving from Dratini, appearing to capture, or the eggs of 10 KM.
  2. Snorlax (3355): it treats of the Pokemon giant. Probably it know even though never have played to the game or have seen the series of drawings, because is very known. Its high level of health it makes in a Pokemon to which will be difficult to beat, and very useful for resist in them gyms. We can capture it, u get it in the eggs of 10 KM.
  3. As (3300): is a novelty in this list, because has been enhanced after the last readjustment of the game. Will have to evolve it from Rhyhorn. At the beginning this last Pokemon not seemed very relevant. Now yes, of course. Is a Pokémon very balanced between health, attack and defense.
  4. Gyarados (3281): one of those Pokemon more eye-catching by evolve from a Pokemon useless. Is of type water, but also of type Dragon, and so flies. Has even attack electrical. Its level of attack is very strong. It more complicated is getting it. Will need to evolve a Magikarp with 400 candies nothing less.
  5. Vaporeon (3157): the last of this list is Vaporeon, very known already before in the game. Their level of health it makes very valuable, surpassing in this list only by Snorlax. But in addition to that, have a good attack, and is relatively easy for get. You have to evolve an Eevee that appear easily. And that turns into a Vaporeon, which is one of the three variants that can evolve the Pokemon, there will be put as the name Rainer.

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