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5 reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could be the definitive mobile

It is said to be called Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there was never a so-called Galaxy Note 6. He is expected to be the large smartphone from Samsung in the second half of the year, and his release could be only two months. Here are the 5 reasons why the mobile could be the ultimate smartphone of the year.

1 do not launched Galaxy Note 5

The first detail seems key to highlight it. Not launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on Europe. I.e., the latest smartphone family Note it was launched was the Galaxy Note 4. Since then is has not released any other in Europe. Some users were waiting for the Galaxy Note 5 as the perfect to buy but never came. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 Galaxy just not be the same as the mobile family Note, and there only by that will be a lot of expectation around the Galaxy Note 7 on our continent.

Galaxy Note 5 Portada

2 s-Pen

One of the reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note is a unique mobile is because it has a smart pointer S-pen. This pointer is not present in the rest of the mobile market, and in fact, is almost the only smartphone to have a pointer of this type. It is a differentiating factor between this phone and the Samsung Galaxy S7, for example, which was launched at the beginning of the year.

3. all the news of the Galaxy S7

In addition, should keep in mind that in this mobile also would come news that came with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and which assumed an improvement with respect to vessels last year logo. With the same design, with a metal frame and a glass rear housing, the smartphone now includes resistance to water, and the possibility of expanding the memory via a microSD card. We’ll see if Galaxy Note 7 also comes with these features.¬†Both the design and the extension of memory seem obvious, but not so much resistance to water, and more counting with a S-pen. We will finally see if the smartphone includes this feature or not, but if so, we would be talking about a mobile phone with many unique features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

4 rivaling the 7 iPhone

A mobile to have true success in the market, there must be other mobile that rival this. Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched almost as a single mobile phone. HTC 10 LG G5 or any other smart phone really were at the level of this in regard to promotion and marketing. It is not the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung knows that he will have to compete with everything an iPhone 7. I.e., the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battle vs iPhone 7 Plus will be one of the highlights of the year. It is possible that even the Apple mobile numbering is one of the reasons why the Samsung go to call its new mobile Galaxy Note 7, because call Galaxy Note 6, it might seem worse simply because of the name.

5. Dual camera

The latest data tell us about that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would have, in addition, a Dual camera. This seems complex to believe. It looks like it because it is a feature that has come in the P9 Huawei once the company has reached an agreement with Leica. But the truth is that the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is already very good, and does not require a great improvement as so that it is at the level of the 7 iPhone camera. It is also true that it has been said that the Apple mobile would have this Dual camera. Or in both cases it is false, or in two cases is true, and they will mimic each other. Whatever it is, we will be talking about mobile market best cameras, as has happened in previous years.

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