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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vs Apple Watch, the comparison you were waiting for

They are two completely different devices, but at the same time are extremely similar. We talk about the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Apple Watch. Two different ways of seeing the same device. Cheap, simple, easy one, another expensive, advanced, and theoretically technically better. But, what are the lights and shadows of each of these two devices, one opposite the other?

Xiaomi Mi Band 2, a wristband that you can use

I arrive late at all sites. So I decided to buy me a watch. A nice watch, that I liked, that you could always use. I was wrong, because I ended up buying a watch too nice to use always, which feared to smite him. I guess something like that is what a Apple Watch users feel. They have bought a watch that costs a lot of money, and you don’t have much logic used to do sport, or when we go by bike. A fall, would destroy it. This is not the case of the Mi Xiaomi Band 2. It is not just the fact that it is cheap, and you can buy another if broken. It is that it is simply designed so you can use it. Being water resistant, won’t it damage. The hits will be are very few, because it is small. Its screen is not very large. Even damage it, or scratch it, would not be a huge problem, because it is not a fashion accessory, as it is the Apple Watch. In addition, it carries now monitor heart rate, and a screen that give us information about steps you give, the calories we spend or the hours that we sleep. It is a perfect accessory for your mobile phone. Its price is below the 50 euros. We cannot know precisely what it will cost us to buy it from Spain. You will depend on the time it let go. It will probably depart from 40 euros. But it is easy to quickly reach the 25-30 euros through the different distributors.

Colores de la Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Apple Watch, a watch… would smart?

The idea of the Apple Watch is the same as the of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. But it is more advanced. It has a larger, touch screen. It is more beautiful, bigger, more colorful. It is also much more expensive. And the big difference between the two is based on the ability of the Apple Watch be intelligent. An ability that so far we can rather than assume, because of course, it is not provable. At the moment, as it happens with the Android Wear (which also get rid of the criticism), is rather an accessory to our mobile, a second screen, which right now is just a second screen that read tweets, emails, and little more. And there ending differences between the Mi Xiaomi Band 2 and Apple Watch. Well, there and in the price. Much more expensive this last.

Your future, that Yes, it is also different. Apple oriented developers that all apps for the Apple Watch are autonomous and independent of the mobile. It will be great to be able to listen to Spotify from Apple Watch with our Bluetooth headset, right? It will be great for users of the Apple Watch 2, because probably this feature will never be available for the original Apple Watch. At this rate, Apple will stop all these features for a future version of the smart clock, and thus sell more units. That is very Apple.

Final opinions

As anyone can come to understand, this article is an exaggeration of reality. It is not true that the Band 2 my Xiaomi can really compete with Apple Watch. This includes more advanced features, as well as with with Android Wear smart watches. However, I have both a Band my Xiaomi as a smart watch with Android Wear, and prefer to use the bracelet. It is more simple, fulfills its function perfectly. Your battery is not exhausted so quickly, and at the end I take it there where going. I.e. Xiaomi told me that it was worth to one thing, and it is for all of that, at all times. Apple or Google with Android Wear, tell me that their watches are worth for some things, but your battery is over halfway through the day. Without mobile coverage do not work. Half of the things that imagined that he could have, aren’t, except to tell me the time that is. But of course, for that are not smart watches, and now the Band 2 my Xiaomi.

Do not say you do not buy you a smart watch. Just that if you do, don’t call it smart.

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