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WhatsApp plans to launch payments between friends within the app

WhatsApp seems to be on the verge of introducing payments between friends within the app. It will start testing it in India, a market in which the messaging application has more than 200 million users. As explained from The Ken, the application could launch peer-to-peer payments on its platform in the coming six months. Would be WhatsApp UPI, a system of payment by the Bank backed by the Government that would begin to be used through the application and will allow the payment among users.

Just a couple of months, WhatsApp, Brian Acton, co-founder in the India he met the Minister of TI in the country and assured that the company was in the early stages of studying how they could be incorporated payment application services. In addition, Acton said at the time that he wanted to contribute to the ofdevelopment of India towards the digital trade of the future as well as to help more people in that country.

It is not surprising that WhatsApp plan already P2P payment in your app that other companies have already taken the step. The own Facebook, owner of the messaging application, added payments to his Messenger in United States application some time ago. However, WhatsApp is a more popular than Facebook chat application. Especially in India, where WhatsApp has a huge market, con more than 200 million users. It is also a country in which lpenetration of credit cards is not very high for what the payments through WhatsApp would become an alternative really useful.

New features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a few rough months. The application launched, without much success, WhatsApp Status: the bet by the ephemeral content messaging app fails to materialize and users are betting other options like Instagram Stories or Snapchat, among others. In case outside little, with the launch of WhatsApp Status disappeared the classic phrase of State of the application, to the chagrin of users, returning it to include only a few months later along with the Status.

Now, the messaging application continues the pace of change and it seems that it is already working on a new feature: Add the ability to send multiple contacts at the same time, without having to send one to one phone numbers. A useful function that allows to send all contacts in one go without having to go to one looking for it on the agenda and which, as you can see in the screenshots, would run in the same way that people are added to a group in the app. Something that is especially useful if, for example, someone asks you the phone number of different photographers for an event or physicians that go to, among others. At the moment, according to Android Police, function will only be available in the beta of the application or the 2.17.123 of the APK of WhatsApp.

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