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The pink Samsung Galaxy S7 and calls Android WiFi reach Orange

If you were waiting for the arrival of the range Samsung Galaxy S7 pink to Spain, no longer have to do it more. Just know that the operator Orange will be who marketed this device in our country and, therefore, if you want to get it already, you can do so. Indeed, the phablet also is put on sale in the above-mentioned key.

The new variant of the range Samsung Galaxy S7 has difference mentioned pink (rose gold), so the hardware is exactly the same and the performance of this model with android Marshmallow just as good as the rest of the terminals. Thus, is a matter of aesthetics, the eight core Exynos, screen QHD and 4 GB of RAM processor are the starting – without that lack the protection of water and metallic finish-.

Samsung Galaxy S7 color rosa oro

If catches your attention this model of the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, sure you may ask for the prices that you can get. The most interesting are approximate since the publication of the data on the web has not occurred – are that to date the operator offered to get these devices Android (as we have officers, we will inform you)-, are as follows: 719 euros free or, if accessing the Kangaroo family fare paying a 26,75 euros fee.

Nueva variante rosa oro del Samsung Galaxy S7

Wi-Fi Android calling

This is another novelty that Orange announced apart from the arrival in the Samsung Galaxy S7 range exclusive in pink. Already available for the iPhone, now the step on models with Google’s operating system and, when you are connected to a wireless network, this option is enabled (settings will be automatically this possibility is present) and, if desired, can be called using the wireless network sin charge additional. That Yes, if you have a fee with bonus minutes, the consumed will subtract you.

Logotipo de WiFi en una mano

This is useful to give use to place calls in which the coverage isn’t good and yes there is WiFi network, so the options are increased. That Yes, saving, nothing at all. Indeed, WiFi calls are restricted, by far, Spain to.

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