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Pokemon GO only is a 10% of what will be the game end

We said that Pokémon GO is still long way to go and many developments that receive. That is clear, even if it is a mass phenomenon. However, what will be the true volume of Pokemon GO? Is how large really the game?

More options for each of the elements

Until now the game has with very few elements, because to the end and after the idea was that them users understood what was going to be Pokemon GO actually. And they have succeeded. The simplicity that has right now is what makes that many users will join the game. If would have been much more complex, not had captured to many users. However, they will be gradually adding more options to each of those elements. For example, something that already know is that soon is can transfer Pokemon between users, and probably for this will be that use them gyms Pokemon. By the way, it also seems that the Pokeparadas are going to become Pokémon centers, the style of the real game, in which you can restore the health of each of our Pokemon.


Even refers to Options Customization for different Pokemon centers. The goal would be to give more relevance to these places trying to turn the game into something more social.

Be as is, the made of that the percentage of the game that until now is has released is of so only the 10% according to Niantic wants to say that still is a lot by launch, and that still have many things between their plans. The launch could not have been better, that of course, and figures that are obtaining in each of the countries in which they are released the game are really amazing.

Pokémon GO could become one of the most successful games in the history of smartphones. Probably already is, but over time it could devote itself as such.

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