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Learn how to dodge the attacks in Pokémon GO

When you go to a gym in Pokémon, you have two types of attack, the standard attack, for which just press the screen, and special attack, obtained after accumulating normal attacks. However, we can also Dodge. This is not widely used, but it can be special interesting if we learn how to use it.

Dodging attacks

In a combat against a gym, to make an attack normal, only there is that press the screen, a time or repeated times to run constantly the same attack. When the bar of attack special is has loaded, only there are that keep pressed on the screen. However, there is another option, which is the Dodge, and is done when the slip on the screen. However, remains a problem. And is that a priori If we’re always dodging, we will never attack. It is not possible to Dodge constantly, so if we limit ourselves to Dodge, sooner or later will end up beating us and we won’t attack never. For this reason it is Dodge at the appropriate time. So far the Dodge it seemed pointless, but it is not.


Dodge special attacks

The key is to avoid special attacks. This means that we must avoid only attacks powerful Pokemon we have opposite. Nothing is worth avoiding simple attacks, because they can be constantly, and as much as we get to Dodge some, others not can Dodge them. However, if we avoid a special attack, you will need to be recharged to use again. There will be really effective Dodge attacks.

But, when? Guided by the GIF that accompanies this post and that was generated by PokeAssistant. Basically, when a yellow flash on the screen we see that the rival Pokemon will perform a special attack. Optimal to Dodge weather is 0.7 seconds. But you do not compliques trying to tell the time. Simply, when you see the flash, slide sideways and tries to avoid the Special attack.

In the case of Pokemon whose only special attack can be performed once, this could be very useful. It must be said that the Special attack will harm us, but much less than if we not dodged it, and could be the key to winning gyms and much more if we are going to participate in the fighting between user soon could reach with the new update of December Pokémon GO.

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