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I can not configure my Xiaomi mobile Internet, what happens?

If you have a mobile Xiaomi, it is likely that you have faced this problem at some point. The Chinese company mobiles are well known among the users, but if you’ve bought one of the last releases, many operators have not integrated yet the automatic settings so that we can connect with the mobile Internet. Maybe you will get problems when you try to configure it. But here’s how to fix it.

Configuring Internet

It has already happened I with many Chinese mobile. In general, when we receive a mobile, put the SIM card, and turn on the phone, we receive an SMS with the configuration data of the mobile network, which are automatically installed in our mobile, and can thus browse the Internet with your mobile phone. If you buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 or a Moto G4, will not have problems, because they are mobile so popular, the operator will send us the specific data to configure your mobile phone. Now, if it’s a Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro will have problems, because the operator will not have data ready to automatically configure your mobile phone, so you have to be a manual configuration of the access point to the network or APN.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Colores

OK, this is basic, configure the APN, save it, select it, and try to connect to Internet. But it doesn’t work. Check that the data connection is active. If we have a virtual operator, we note that roaming is activated, because in some cases it is necessary. Check everything, but something doesn’t work well. What is happening?

The solution in your Xiaomi is much simpler than you think. And is that it is not only you set the APN for your carrier, but that you must delete each other APN settings that are available, so that our smartphone passes to use that we have registered. It is something really simple, but which will give us more than one headache if we do not know how to act.

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