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How to transcribe voice to text from your mobile Android

Recording the University (or the Institute) classes, conferences, meetings or press conferences or interviews is a fairly common practice by many people. Recording allows to listen it to a and again not to lose detail but also becomes a work extra: you have to transcribe the recorded later, investing more time.

How to transcribe your mobile

As mobile phones are able to solve virtually all the problems of every day, the transcript would not be less. We are determined to make it easier to take notes, transcribed interviews or collecting statements with only to burn them. No need to manually transcribe… And in the market of Android applications there are a few solutions to do this.


Its design is very improved and input, can take us back. The application is not nothing sexy but well fulfills its mission: convert voice to text. A button to record a voice note and the possibility of creating categories to store the saved notes.

Voice recognition is acceptable. The application is hardly wrong in any word (if vocalicemos well) and is capable of transcribing conversations flowed without any problem. Transcribed instantly and turning into text What can record audio by phone.

Categorías Lisnote

Once finished we can edit the note as many times as you want if there has been any error in the transcribed, or if we want to give shape to what we have given you. Once finished the note, in addition, we can come back as many times as we want to keep adding content within the same… Something useful if we want to record the same note a class of University which boasts a conference where there are breaks or interruptions.

ListNote is available free on the Google Play Store for any Android phone with superior to 2.3.3 version and the application has more than one million downloads as well as a GPA of 4.2 (out of 5).

WP-Appbox: ListNote voice-to-text notes (Free, Google Play) →


Speechnotes is another option if you want to transcribe what they say. The application allows dictating and the phone turning voice into text. The design, like the previous one, is quite improved. But it is a clean design, clear and easy to use.

To run just to create a new note, click on the microphone and start talking about. Unlike the former, has no possibility to store the notes by categories (or, at least, we have not found how to do it). Once created the note can export it, save it to the phone or send the message via another application.


Once finished the note, the application has, at the bottom, with an editing bar with which you can add exclamation points, question marks, spaces, commas and points.

The application recognizes a wide variety of languages among which you can find variants of the Spanish according to countries: Spain, Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina, for example, among others.

WP-Appbox: Speechnotes – voice to text (Free+, Google Play) →


After testing the two applications reading the same texts and maintaining the same kind of conversation, ListNote precision is minimally better. None of the two makes virtually no failure, but the first is more accurate in the case of some complex Word.

Another of the advantages of ListNote is the ability to add categories and save notes to find them more easily. Storage within the application at Speechnotes is quite messy and difficult to see altogether if not we export them to another application like Evernote notes, for example.

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