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Android 7 is already nearly 1 of every 20 devices

Android does not cease to grow. This week we met was in the world’s most widely used operating system. Exceeded as well to Windows for the first time in history and with great advantage over his rival, iOS. Android v7.0 Nougat has grown to almost 5% of the distribution of devices with the operating system: the phone is almost 1 of every 20 devices that are on the market.

Almost 5% of Android devices

Google, as does practically every month, has published the results of presence of versions of your operating system. Although there is still much to be done but Android Nougat reached 4.9% of the total number of Android devices since its launch. A proportion that merges the version 7.0 and version 7.1, with 4.5% and 0.4% respectively.

Nougat 7.0 has grown by 2.1% with respect to the data of the last month, which was running at a 2.8% of devices running Google’s operating system. However, version 7.1, according to the data provided, has remained unchanged since the last analysis so far, with a 0.4%.

The growth of Nougat is even exceeding the Marshamallow in the same period of the year. Version 6.0 had reached, at this time, a 4.6% of devices. This seems to indicate that a year after its launch Nougat could be in a third of the total number of devices. Marshmallow, moreover, this month has lost users for the first time, reducing the figure by 0.1% of the total.

The most widespread version on the Android ecosystem is the Lollipop version with 32% of devices running through it. Closely followed by Android 6 Marshmallow with a 31.2% and 4.4 Kit Kat, which can be found in one of every five models on the market.

Android Nougat crecimiento

Android 7.1.2

Version 7.1.2 Android began deploying this week. The update of the operating system will start coming to Nexus and Pixel devices and solves previous shutdown problems spontaneous, bands of pink in camera or audio problems reported by some users to use put the volume some of their devices.

The most remarkable feature of all the improvements and new features in this version is the possibility of using the gestures of the Google Pixel fingerprint scanner on phones 5 Nexus and Nexus 6 p X. In addition, both for Nexus as Pixel arrive alerts improvements in the use of the batteries and notifications as well as general improvements in the performance and stability of phones.

liberar cache DNS en Android

Android or

While Nougat seeks to make a good share of the market, Android or is preparing for its launch. The new version of Google’s operating system we know features and functions almost every day.

There will be changes in the notifications, which will be organized by channels, may be silenced over a short period of time (15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour) only with desplizar finger for the notification. Notifications, in addition, as we have been able to know these days, could removed themselves automatically when they are no longer useful.

Android O will also have improvements in battery, eliminating the consumption of applications in the background, as well as a PIP mode for watching videos while we use another application. There are many features that we know already, but Google still has not provided any exact date for its release for what we will have to get used with Nougat and rely on its high growth rate.

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