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Android 7.1 now available for Nexus 4 thanks to CyanogenMod

Android is, without a doubt, one of the best mobile operating systems that ever lived (are you going to tell us…). With a myriad of updates that each time integrate more possibilities of configuration and customization, the world of the ROMs allows approach these news to terminals with several years in the market. The best example it have on the availability of Android 7.1 for the Nexus 4 thanks to CyanogenMod.

One of the problems with Google’s operating system is that not all Android devices are updated to the speed or or at the time that they would have to do it. Indeed Android Nougat is still present in less than 1% of devices while Android Lollipop, an operating system with more than two years, is still the most installed version.

By fortune, the smartphones more ancient, as is the case of this Nexus 4 of Google, continue updating is to them new versions of Android thanks to the ROMs custom. Re cient, people of Cyanogen has released the corresponding version nightly or experimental CyanogenMod 14 for Google Nexus 4, based on Android 7.1 Nougat.

Install CyanogenMod on the Nexus 4


The availability of Google Android Nexus 4 7.1 is a joy for all holders of the terminal which now have access to newer and larger changes that the update of the operating system offers. However we must remember that this version of CyanogenMod 14 nightly is still in its infancy so it is likely that you find performance problems and bugs in applications when working with ROM.
There is also a version of CyanogenMod 14 with Android 7.1 for the Nexus 4 called “experimental” which, while it may have more failures, allows users to enjoy exclusive features. However we only recommend to install this version if you want to try the ROM and have terminal otr to use on a regular basis.
Download CyanogenMod 14 from the official website of the firm and start enjoying the developments in the latest version of the operating system from Google into one of its best-selling terminals of the history.

Article already available for Nexus 4 thanks to CyanogenMod Android 7.1 was released in AndroidAyuda.

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