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ZTE Quartz, the first Android 2.0 Wear of less than 200 euros

ZTE has presented its first Android Wear 2.0 clock, Quartz. The smartwatch includes version 2.0 of Android Wear, the latest version of Google’s operating system for watches. It is the first Android 2.0 Wear of less than 200 euros. The clock will go on sale In United States this same Friday, April 14, and will have a price of $192.

Quartz is a clock round, with Classic and simple design but something thicker than a conventional wrist watch and looking pretty big and robust. Its bezel is not rotating and the clock is not particularly attractive, at a first glance.

Quartz ZTE

ZTE Quartz

The box is made of metal with bottom of plastic and a button at the top of the side. The watch weighs 89 grams and has standard 22 mm for any belt hook, although according to the images, the watch comes with a rubber strap in blue. Quartz has also certified IP67 water and dust proof.

Screen Super AMOLED is 1.4 inches, 400 x 400 pixels and coated with Gorilla Glass 3. The watch is equipped with a quad-core processor Snapdragon Wear 2100 Cortex A7 800 MHz. His memory is the RAM to 768 MB and boasts 4 GB of internal storage. To make it work, the clock has anautonomy of 500 mAh , according to ZTE, would bear up to 36 hours of autonomy.

ZTE Quartz

Quartz comes con GPS, Bluetooth and WiFiconnection. It also emphasizes that the clock comes with 3 G connection by allowing you to receive or make calls and receive messages from any place without having the cellphone in your Pocket-bound.  The clock does not have, however, with heart rate monitor or sensor NFC.

Price and availability

The clock will start to sell for $192 this same April 14, Friday, form online at T-Mobile and will not reach stores until April 21, in the United States. By the time it will take to confirm the other countries who will come, the arrival date and the price.

News Android Wear 2.0

Among some of the main highlights of the operating system for watches, for example, is the ability to respond quickly to messages received. Android Wear 2.0 you can responder in a fast way to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Hangouts. The update, also has its own application store for Android regardless of the phones and will be accessible from the watch if it has internet connection (as it is the case of ZTE Quartz)

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