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Zombillie a game of skill and precision reminiscent of Pac-Man

If you have free time and looking for a game to have fun using your Android device, we are going to show you one that blends skill and good forecast of movements that are made. This is called Zombillie , and the truth is that it is the most addictive once you learn to play.

And this not is nothing complex, because simply there that manage to a worm that must go eating different colored balls (with different rating each one of them) to ending all that there is in every one of the maps that contain different levels of Zombillie. And, once this is achieved, must find the hole by which must escape.

And what is the difficulty that the players are? Simple: whenever a ball is eaten the worm becomes larger, so it is not possible to perform movements without crash against his own body, what causes you to lose a life. Therefore, actions to be carried out must be measures and in powerful levels, the difficulty is great. I.e. Zombillie is a game of skill, pure and simple.

Juego Zombillie para Android

Additional and fun options

To help the player, Zombillie includes the possibility of collect hearts which are eaten and lives that join the worm, which is a maximum support and recommend not to leave even one without “swallowing”. There are some power-ups or “tricks” that can be deployed easily provided that get to eat the worm. I.e., that is important to take advantage of these options.

Aesthetically Zombillie is not a very striking game, but perfectly fulfills its mission and get the requirements they are not very high to play (with a Moto G is possible to have fun without problems). The sound is full of effects, but it is not vital to learn the game.

Juego Android Zombillie

The download is done from Play Store and therefore does not have any complications. In the terms of which must be taken to give use, having Android 4.1 or higher and 76 MB free space. Other games can meet them at this link on our website.

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