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Zedge very easily give a new look to your Android

At times, change the look that has a terminal Android is much easier than thought, at least in regards to the operating system itself and what depends on it. An example is Zedge, a development that is very easy to use and has the great virtue of being free. We tell you what you need to know it.

This work contains a large number of options inside allowing you to give a new look to the phones and tablets. An example are packs of icons and, also, a lot of sounds that really is the strong point of Zedge. What you get with the development is therefore that in the same place become different actions that otherwise must be separately.


Simplicity is the predominant in Zedge note, as evidenced by that download it and install it is something that is exactly the same with any other application for Android that are on the market. This is achieved from different stores that exist at present, something which brings security and confidence. By the way, the development is completely translated and, in what refers to its management, the inclusion of a side menu is to be welcomed, since it allows to go from one side to another with great comfort.

To navigate through the different possibilities offered by Zedge is a superior headband that makes it possible to go from a section to another in an intuitive way, as for example the existing news or what they most liked to users. But additionally includes a search engine that makes finding something specific not precisely a problem, for example, an effect which belong to back to the future. I.e., that the design and management is well thought out and executed.


Question of content

This is the most interesting offering Zedge, since database which is very wide and is increasing little by little. Once you have selected that you want to get, just press on it to make look the most important data offered, as I could be download size and some additional information. In this way, checks to see if it fits with the terminal Android in question because it occupies or the screen resolution. Eye with funds QHD, which has a considerable size.


If you clear that you want to download something, there is abundant free content, you must simply click on the icon with the arrow pointing down. But we recommend that you use the Preview that exists in the development, since this way I could preview the content before or visualize accurately what will be (this is especially important with icons packs).

A final detail: once you have file on the phone or tablet, to implement it in this are s follow the usual steps for operating system , by what does not provide an automatic action to do so. This is something that needs to be improved in the future.

Download Zedge

The Zedge application can be both Galaxy Apps Play Store. It is completely free and your installation is really simple. It includes a good amount of options to download and therefore give you use is something that is worth making. Sound, images and icon are some content offered by Zedge. In addition, its compatibility is very high, which makes this more attractive development.

tabla Zedge

Download Zedge in Galaxy Apps.

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