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YouTube on Android will display a new interface for the comments

It is still in preparation but already the changes being Google in YouTube for Androidapplication, above all, intended to have been seen the reviews have a more prominent position and easier access from mobile phones.

Internet is becoming mobile steps fast and good proof of this are the efforts that are making businesses and services adapt as soon as possible and offer a much more comfortable use screens of smartphones. YouTube always It is studying, testing and changing things in the interface of your application and the mobile version of the service, and changes are often subtle, do seem to be some looming that will be important.

And it is that it is the case of one of the most important social networking – because in the end, YouTube is that–. He is the comments that now will pass, it seems, to have an own icon beside the of the “I like” or “dislike”. Best known in the jargon youtuber as “laik” and “dislaik” – Let us this joke Phonics -.

nueva interfaz comentarios youtube

Now leave, in addition, be part of the interface, i.e., will not be displayed in the video window but that pressing the icon that opens on the toolbar elements will appear as a popup to plugged the other elements that are behind, that Yes, without removing the video from the screen, which is important. Another element that changes in this aspect is that the icon also indicates the number of comments that are on the video in question already.

And is this for some users is going to be a little less pleasant since when the comments are open stops see things as the section “Is watching” or “New What´s” in English. In addition, to close the comments should search the blade in the upper right corner and close the window.

Like any change, if ultimately becomes reality, there will be controversy on YouTube

The truth is that we don’t know if it will be a final change or not, but what is clear is that you as any changes to the most famous social video network, will bring comments and hundreds of videos of youtubers talking about it as when you changed the system of valuation of stars by the finger towards above and below (which is on the verge of arriving also at Netflix).

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