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Your photos are not uploaded to Facebook in HD, how to activate this option?

Long time it came receiving photos to lose quality to upload them to Facebook. I figured that was question of the compression. But not had nor too logical that out just that, because the quality that lost was too remarkable. The truth is that I have taken time to realize something, and is that the Facebook app comes configured by default to upload photographs on standard quality, and not HD. Luckily, it is a very easy-to-change option.

How to upload photos to Facebook in HD

Know that in Facebook have very clear that not want that them users spend all their rate of data using the application, and that by that is striving by optimize to the maximum the use of them data. So much happens that, by default, at the time of upload photos to the social network, these are uploaded in standard quality, and not high quality, what makes that much resolution is lost. For a normal photograph, perhaps not too relevant, but the truth is that many of us in the end use Facebook to save memories. In other cases, even the photographs that we upload are of high quality and upload them to promote our photographic activity, or at least to share them with other users. Whatever it is, it is not nothing uncommon that we want to upload photos to Facebook in HD. Fortunately, this is easy to achieve. The only thing you have to do is to activate this option in the app, and that is not difficult.

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Just go to settings within the application, and that the first section called precisely the app settings. Once here, will give you the option to upload photos in HD. You only have to activate it, because it comes disabled by default, and already all photos you upload will be loaded at high resolution.

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