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You see prices that will have all the versions of the OnePlus 3

Once it has been known to be in the month of June when the 3 OnePlus will be presented, and which will without such invitations which was one of the worst details offered by the company. The fact is that today has unveiled what will be the price that will have to pay for each of the variants that will be put in games (Yes, there will be more than a).

Before anything, we must comment that forecasts sales manufacturer has are interesting, since sources coming from Asia, it has been suggested that one of the reasons that have slightly delayed the arrival on the market of the OnePlus 3 (expected in May) is getting a good stock. And it seems that he has been achieved, it will be from the first moment of 1 million units, that it is not bad and ensures that there will be no problems by the absence of invitations.

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OnePlus 3 prices

This is, in fact, the most important thing has been known in today, since it is a key factor to understand if the terminal will have or not a good behaviour in the market (more in this year, which comes with some delay over its direct competitors). The case is that the cheapest version of the 3 OnePlus may get by 1,999 Yuan, what change stays in a few 273 euros. We are nothing but bad.

But, as we have seen, has been known to be up to four variants more than the OnePlus 3, each aiming to compete with models that are on the market. The case is that each one of them you can buy by the following amount – parentheses let the terminal is to be compared-: 314 euros (Xiaomi Mi 5); 340 euros (Le Max 2); 368 euros (Zuk Z2 Pro); and, finally, the fourth Variant can get by 382 euros (Huawei honour V8). Remains to be seen exactly what are the differences between each model, which many will be in storage (and RAM) or the design, since the processor will always be the same, a Snapdragon 820.

Fotografía hecha con la cámara delantera del OnePlus 3

The case is appearing with OnePlus 3 bet will be important, since there will be many options of purchase and it dispenses with the invitations – which is essential in my opinion – it is true that this model will come rather late to the market, but with the prices offered and their quality, surely more than one decides to be its new terminal Android. will you be one of them?

See item prices that will have all the versions of the OnePlus 3 was published in AndroidAyuda.

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