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You can as well play Clash Royale from your computer

Display small large fingers, a tower Inferno sunset outside the range of the golem, a barrel that does not fall where it should or a rocket that doesn’t impact the Tower, little games penalize both an error and Clash Royale, and many of them could save themselves playing Clash Royale from your computer.

The sports have become a real mass phenomenon is something that nobody can deny today, however, surprised that the subgenre of games for mobile have not even claimed the place which would correspond you according to the number of devices and Android is the operating system used in the world. But it is clear that if there is a title that is getting to give relevance and professionalism to the sector with its newly completed year of life, it is Clash Royale.

If you are one of those who has not been able to resist the fashion game and you are in the continuous search for the perfect harness or the slightest advantage that you catapulte made the top of the classification. If you want the slightest advantage that allows you to get one of the many tournaments that are organized, you can not pass without trying to play it on a big screen. On a big screen and with the agility that can provide you with the mouse. The feeling of the game will change radically.

We have selected three emulators that you can help it.


For many, it is the best. It is the most veteran and their use can not be easier. The installation of Clash Royale will be a matter of clicks, selecting it among the recommended apps of own emulator. Once installed you can simply synchronize ourselves, and in a moment we will be competing. All this in a understandable Spanish, feature not available elsewhere.

Stresses the great integration that has with the VRS Twitch games, through what are called BlueStacks TV, allowing you to both see other items such as yours, relay chat included. Available for Windows and Mac.

Logotipo BluetStacks


Another great emulator, very oriented to the use of games. Its interface resembles more a classic desktop of Android, not being so altered as the Bluestack, so being all so familiar you won’t be complicated to move between their optionss to install apps through Google Play.

Noteworthy is the function that allows you to use your mobile as a joystick device within the game, which even though it is a feature that has no special meaning, to Clash Royale could be interesting in other games. It is available whether you are using Windows as if you use Mac.

Apertura del emulador Andy


The last of this series, and not detract from the rest being a good alternative, as well as Andy, the interface is simple, just install, register for our account to Google Play and install Clash Royale.

Remarkable ease of use the multi account service, for those who hunger to take them to play with more than one account at a time. As well as the ability to record and share items. It is also available for Windows and Mac.

Clash Royale from your computer

You can play Clash Royale from your computer but the possibilities that give us these emulators for Android are as the imagination. After testing with other equally competitive games such as Vain Glory or Mobile Legends, you can try other communications or even photo editing apps.

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