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You can already speak for WhatsApp with someone who you don’t on the agenda

To speak with someone by WhatsApp you need a mobile phone with the app installed, network connection and obviously the phone of the person that you are going to have the conversation. But just today we have just learned of a new feature coming to the app, which allows skipping a step in this process, and therefore talk by WhatsApp to anyone even if you don’t have your number in the agenda. Technological witchcraft? No, just a link sharing called Click to chat.

8th anniversary

What a week for WhatsApp has been the ending already. 5 days in which the app has received several enhancements and features. We started right at the beginning with the activation by surprise in the new States of WhatsApp, which under a fresh new look and style Instagram Stories allow us to share a picture, video or GIF custom with all our contacts for 24 hours. And during the week have also seen the arrival of the new emojis as the Facepalm or the clown (that seems removed from American Horror Story) that are becoming the most used. But you see that in the company they wanted to leave something for today, the most designated day of the year for them.

And it is now February 24, 2017, WhatsApp celebrates 8 years after the activation of the app in 2009. 8 years during which has become the favorite messaging application at the global level, and nor as powerful as Telegram rivals manage to unseat. And surprise in social networks from the WhatsApp Beta account has celebrated with an announcement: the function Click to Chat, with which it is possible to talk with somebody who does not have our number as contact or us his. Or start talking with anyone in the Act without having to put your number on the agenda before.

De esta forma podemos crear un enlace para alguien que no tenemos en la agenda

Click to chat

All that the Click function need to Chat that is already available is that we know the phone number with which we want to talk, and he can create a link that will allow you to chat with this person in particular. That person will receive the link, and if you open it, the conversation window will appear suddenly. The best of the invention is that it works both in mobile and WhatsApp Web client to use the messaging service from a computer. What can it serve us? So for example to answer an ad that we have seen on the street from someone who sells your car.

-Step 1

To create the sufficient link with using this address which will cut and paste

-Step 2

Using that address as a base, you then enter phone number prececido of the prefix of the country in which you are. If it’s Spain you have to prepend the 34, thus leaving:

The code must be completely numeric, no parentheses, dashes or symbols such as ‘ +’.

-Step 3

With the previous step you’ve already created a valid link. But if you want that when the user opens the link jump a conversation with an initial messagewindow, you must use this code any longer: & text = urlencodedtext

‘whatsappphonenumber’ is equivalent to the phone number of the recipient, and ‘urlencodedtext’ to the message, which will have to be encoded in URL. For example, if the message is ‘I am interested in the car you’re selling’, we would put it thus: phone =34xxxxxxxxxtext =% 20interesado % 20% 20el % 20coche % 20que % 20vendes

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