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You can already play the classical Pictionary from your Android with the official app

Some paint and others guess. Nothing has changed in the rules of Pictionary that we know from many years ago. But now you are drawing on the mobile phone and don’t have to be in the same room for guessing. The popular game already has official app for smartphones.

The creators of Apalabrados and Preguntados have been responsible for bring to the screen the classic game, with more than forty years. Toy company Mattel has teamed up with Etermax (creators of Apalabrados) and have launched the implementation of drawings, which is available from today Thursday for all operating systems and formats in seven different languages.

The free app allows various modes: by turns and two against two. However, in Spanish is not yet available the second option and how to play one against one will be. The player can see what is drawing at that time his rival in real time a few check boxes under the canvas will be to figure out what it is and (the number of letters is given by the PPP, which makes simpler mechanics than if we adivinásemos it’s nothing). If you do not know what it is about the drawing, you can spend coins to go showing letters and that guess it easier.

Pictionary App

There are four types of different categories to draw: “Objects’, ‘actions’, ‘difficult’,”people, animals and places”. When you get your turn will play you a letter at random you can change once (or more than one, spending coins). In addition, the app there is a gallery of pictures in which you’ll see all the drawings you have made so far and all of your friends. As you draw correctly and guessing drawings, you’ll earn coins and points and you will unlock tools to draw that they be added to the inventory. Pencil, rubber, waxes or a highlighter, for example. You will also get new colors as you go and you get new levels.

Pictionary App

You can play against strangers or friends, same mechanics already known in Apalabrados or Preguntados. You can choose among users that they appear randomly or look for a particular friend through your user to challenge him and demonstrate who draws best. The game also features a section of chat in which you’ll have access to talk to your friends.

The game is now available on the Google Play Store for free although it has shopping within the app which will allow get gems and coins that you intercambiarás by functions within the game. The game is available in Spanish but also in English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Turkish and Russian.

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