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You access all the volume settings at the same time with SoundHUD

Admittedly, it is very difficult to understand all the different volume settings in a Mobile Android. Can see settings of volume of call, settings of volume multimedia, and settings of volume of alarm, and on occasions even some setting more. But, what are changing when you use the volume buttons? You know with SoundHUD.

Modifies the volume with SoundHUD settings

SoundHUD is a perfect application for those users who want to be able to modify all the volume settings available. And is that one of the problems that have is that when we use them buttons of volume of our smartphone actually only are modifying the adjustment of volume corresponding to the sound that is sounding. For example, if the alarm sounds, lower or raise the volume of the alarm. If we are in a game or an application, we will modify the multimedia volume, and if we are not in any of those sites, we will raise or lower the volume of the system.


This is a bit full because… and if we want the multimedia volume down before starting a game in order to play not strong? And if we want to change the volume of the alarm without going to settings > sounds…? As for that it solution ideal is an application called SoundHUD. Its name already gives us the idea that it is a control panel for sound of our smartphone options. The great advantage is that when you press the volume buttons, we will modify one of the types of volume which we have formerly mentioned, but display not only that volume, but all kinds of volume bar shows us: alarm, multimedia, system, etc. Depending on which have a mobile phone.

WP-Appbox: SoundHUD (+Free, Google Play) →

In addition to this, the application also we can modify the appearance of the volume bar, even if we want to continue to appear only the volume bar that we are going to modify. We can make that bar is reduced to a single line that appears on the screen, or a slightly wider bar.

Access to all settings of volume at the same time with SoundHUD the article was published in AndroidAyuda.

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