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Year 2016: it is worth spending more on a mobile

The year 2016 becomes very interesting innovations in the world of smartphones. Analyzing everything that has come so far, I must say that the market is much better than last year at this point, both in the range Middle as in the high range, and even in the basic range. Perhaps this latest range is the worst. And it is that we must spend more to get a good mobile, but the difference is worth.

Last year the average range was a hoax

Nothing to see what was launched last year with what we call Range average. The original Motorola Moto G established the true middle range when it was first released. That itself was a mid-range mobile. Below 200 euros, and with characteristics of a mobile level. Few improvements came to the successive versions of this, but the price remained the same or even somewhat higher. The rest of mid-range mobile followed the same path. And with the exception of some brands like Meizu, Xiaomi or LeTV, everything was launched mid range was a hoax. They were mobile basic range, with the characteristics of the range average of previous generations, with the same prices. That has changed this year.

Moto G4 Plus

Manufacturers are beginning to compete

Of course, while it seemed that last year the manufacturers had agreed to launch mobile mid-range were basic but more expensive range, this year producers have begun to compete with mobile mid-range with notable features: a great design for the Huawei P9 Lite, a very good camera for the Moto G4 Plus… But it is true that this has brought us to this year I have to spend more money to buy a mobile phone. However, it is really worth. Last year we spent 200 euros on a mobile’s basic range. This year we will spend something less than 300 euros on a mobile medium-range. The difference is very noticeable, and you will be winning if we’re willing to spend a little money on the smartphone.

The case of the G4 Plus bike seems the most remarkable of all. With his camera, may well continue competing with mobile mid-range within a few years, and well you will continue offering us photos of good quality within a few years. To do so, just spend about 270 euros. The best is that it includes the possibility to expand the memory via microSD card, so we will not have memory problems, and is resistant to water, with a design that also seems quite resistant, giving up the metal, so it seems a mobile ready to endure a few years.

Yes, it is true that a few years ago with spend € 180 we could get a G bike which was a mid range pretty good. This year we will have to spend 100 euros more to get a phone that is equated to it, although the best notably with regard to the rest of the market.

Moto G4 Portada

And it is not the only example. We have more, as the honour V8, for example, if we seek something in the high range, or as Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro already if we are willing to buy a mobile Chinese and not have almost guarantee in Europe. The options that we have are different. Even the OnePlus 3 may be a good option if you already want a true “killer flagship”. This year is much better than last year. If not changed Mobile last year, may be this si the year to change mobile. The coming year will see mobile they will innovate in the field of virtual and other realities, but if what you want is a mobile with a good quality/price ratio and without many frills, this will be the year to buy it.

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