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Yahoo Mail is updated with important improvements in the preview

The application Yahoo Mail has gone from being one that less updates received in the mail management segment to become very active in this section since lately not is to launch new additions by developers. The case is the last which has become official is really interesting and positive – both by the number of advances in itself-.

The truth is that a “sprint” of this kind was necessary with Yahoo Mail, as it was left hanging other similar, such as Gmail or the own Outlook development. And, the truth is that it can clearly be seen that se is working hard to cut the lost ground and convert to this multi account development in one of the best options in the Android market.

Perhaps the most important upgrade that Yahoo Mail is now enables previewing documents received in the mail, thus preventing in some cases that they have to be downloaded on the mobile terminal, which saves both space and time. The truth is that this is basic in a job in which both spreadsheets as text documents are handled routinely.

Temas en Yahoo Mail para Android

Other additives in Yahoo Mail

Apart from the mentioned , and usual corrections of errors and improvements in stability that are heading in all updates, there are more new features. For example, allowed power Disable deletion through gestures (swipe) side on the screen. This is really useful, but on more than one occasion a message is deleted by mistake. Well, now is possible to the aforementioned functionality cannot be used if you are of those who you don’t like.

In addition, the Widget desktop has been improved since it is now possible to choose among five the Inbox display options. These depend on the information showing in the same space, ranging from seeing only in subject of the email to which shows an avatar and part of the text that is contained. Another useful and necessary improvement. By the way, now the themes selectable are more numerous.

Nuevo aspecto àra Yahoo Mail para Android

If you want to Download Yahoo Mail on your Android phone and test it with all additives that we have indicated, the discharge is possible on the image that we leave that it gives access to your page in Play Store:

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