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Yahoo did not want to buy Google for $ 1 million

Verizon has bought Yahoo by a quantity important of money, but not by the value that was in its time the company. A company that became much bigger than Google, a lot more. Perhaps some also remember the times of AltaVista, another search previous to Google. Both companies could buy Google. It would have only cost them $ 1 million. It rejected.

Yahoo is sold

4,400 million euros, that is what you have paid Verizon Yahoo, a platform that was once much more relevant than the same Google. Yahoo did not survive to Google. The company of the search them has exceeded, and it true is that not has been way of make that survive. Lots of money is which has paid Verizon, that Yes, if compared to what it cost at the time Google.

Google Logo

Google cost $ 1 million

At that then Larry Page and Sergey Brin were two young students who did not have time to combine their studies with what had been created, a search engine on the Internet that aspired to become the best in the history. They were unaware of what they had. But if they were aware that if they managed to sell it for an interesting amount ($1 million), could continue his studies. So, is gathered with one of them responsible for of AltaVista, one of them search engines more important of the time, that rejected the operation of purchase of the algorithm PageRank of Google, what by that then was all Google. Yahoo also wanted to buy it. Apparently was not its aim that users could search, find what you were looking for and go quickly from the page. The funny thing is that Larry Page and Sergey Brin failed to sell Google at that time for $ 1 million.

Today, the value of Google is approaching the incalculable. Someone considered relevant if Sergey Brin and Larry Page finished their studies? What is clear is that Yahoo had an incredible opportunity to buy Google, which not only lost, but that they decided to reject.

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