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Xposed for Android is updated and leave “freeze” [Download]

If there is an application that deserves the penalty rooting an Android device, that is X posed . This development takes advantage of form excellent access achieved if to wake up your phone or tablet to provide options that are not possible otherwise, an example is advanced interfaces or modifications of the options of the operating system, such as the notification bar. The case is that this work is updated.

Version wing arriving is to the 85 (the numbering is not as ‘slow’ as in other developments) and, it includes new features that are interesting and that, in addition, corrected some bugs affecting Xposed. Some of them are not exactly minor, as for instance making that to “freeze” the beginning of unexpectedly and forcing a reboot of the device in question. This happens especially with modules that access multiple files at the same time, and the case, is that in this iteration of the application it has been fixed. Good news.

Another solution that has been made is the request of password on Android terminals protected by encryption faster . So far the process was especially slow and, as we have seen personally, got freak out more than one. The case is that now turns to a certain normality.


Other additives in Xposed 85

Then leave a list with the most important news to be incorporated into the new version of this essential work for those who have a terminal Android rooted . The truth is Xposed excellent possibilities to make you be really clean:

  • Direct access to logcat in own development
  • Solved some bugs of executing Xposed with ART
  • Notice to disable Instant Run for Android Studio
  • Improvement of performance with Cyanogen, only in Marshmallow
  • Forced deletion of the dalvik cache when upgrading from previous versions of Xposed

Intalación de Xposed Framework en Android Marshmallow

Download and an important detail

If you wish to download the new version of this development it can make this link, where it is available completely free as so far. By the way, has developed a “wiki” of Xposed is a great help, so it is recommended to visit it. You can do this here.

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