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Xiaomi signs with Microsoft and prepares his landing in the West

Xiaomi must strive for truth if you want to regain lost ground in the market with respect to companies like OPPO and live, which sold more in the first quarter of the year. And for that, may be preparing their official landing in the West: United States and Europe. Specifically, the company has become a Microsoft patent agreement.

Microsoft patent agreement

It has been officially announced by the two companies today. Xiaomi reached an agreement on patents with Microsoft, whereby the two companies will go to share patents that had, supposedly related to the market of smartphones. They have not transcended the precise patents, but we assume that they would be those necessary to Xiaomi you might have landed in the United States and Europe. Patents that probably have a lot to do with those obtained by Microsoft with the purchase of Nokia. However, the agreement very interested in American company, because the Xiaomi will arrive with both Skype and Microsoft Office installed on smartphones. In fact, this last factor is probably more relevant than any other economic factors or patent that has been influencing Microsoft.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Portada

Arrive in Europe?

However, does this mean that Xiaomi will reach Europe? Certainly it is between the company plans reach the markets of the United States and Europe. What is not clear is whether these patents from Microsoft will help to get it or not. Probably Yes will be a help but, do final? Whatever it is, smartphones will begin to integrate the Microsoft apps from September of this year 2016, so that we can take it as a date of departure for this agreement, and as a possible date of arrival of Xiaomi mobiles in United States and Europe, if it is that, really, these are the plans of Xiaomi.

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