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Xiaomi Redmi Pro, the demonstration of that do not need the ships logo

The mobile world is dying, is a reality. In the future, we’ll see how smart watches and’re going them to be replaced, and there take advantage Apple and Samsung, who already seem to have the most powerful watches on the market. However, meanwhile, smartphones are going to continue to be the standard. Although perhaps already not have much logical spend is 800 euros on a mobile. We say “maybe” because at least that is what shows the Xiaomi Redmi Pro.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro

He Xiaomi Redmi Pro already has been presented officially, although it true is that makes time that knew what were to be the features techniques of this mobile. In fact, his name already it describes to the perfection. Redmi, as the economic motives of Xiaomi. Pro, as high level mobile phones. Two words that may seem like antonyms, but who are not so far. Xiaomi Redmi Pro is a perfect combination of technical features of high level with an affordable price. In other words, a perfect upper-middle range.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Your processor as well makes it clear, a helium MediaTek X 25, a unique and special 10-core processor configurations of three clusters to enable each one of them depending on if the goal is to save energy or to obtain the highest level of performance. In addition to this, the RAM memory is between 3 and 4 GB, depending on the version that we acquire. Indeed, in this respect we must clarify something, there are three versions, in which varies the processor and RAM, as well as the price:

  • Xiaomi Redmi Pro with MediaTek helium X 20 + 3 GB of RAM + 32 GB of ROM for $225
  • Xiaomi Redmi Pro with MediaTek helium X 25 + 3 GB of RAM + 64 GB of ROM by $255
  • Xiaomi Redmi Pro with MediaTek helium X 25 + 4 GB RAM + 128 GB of ROM for $300

The camera of the smartphone also is novel, a configuration of camera dual composed by a sensor main of 13 megapixel that is which captures the photo, and a sensor secondary of 5 megapixel that captures the depth in the image to generate effect bokeh. The front camera is also of 5 megapixel.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro

To all this must be added a screen technology OLED 5.5 inches with a resolution of Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, as well as a battery of no less than 4.050 mAh. Without a doubt, a great smartphone, with a great price, which will become one of the best options for those who want a high level mobile, but don’t want to spend the price of a flagship.

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