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Xiaomi my Watch is confirmed, and this is what could cost

Watch my Xiaomi, Xiaomi smart clock, has been confirmed. At least, so has confirmed that CEO Huami, the company that manufactures the Mi Xiaomi Band 2, and which would probably also manufacture new smart watch Xiaomi. However, new data arrive this smart timepiece that speak even of the price which will be. It won’t be dirt cheap to take account of what the company smartphones are often, but perhaps this is because it is going to be a very complete smart clock.

Xiaomi my Watch

We do not know technical or design that will be. We cannot even say if it will be a circular smart watch or if it will be a smart watch with a screen to the style of the Apple Watch. However, if we started to have more details. It has been the analyzes bread Jiutang, well known for giving details of previous smartphones and smart bracelet Xiaomi, who spoke of a close new intelligent clock company launch. But besides that, he has also asked a question to his followers, in a poll which questioned them about what would be the ideal price for a smart watch company. In this case, there were probably two prices, the prices that would have the versions of these two smart watches.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: El supuesto reloj inteligente de Xiaomi

150 and 250 euros

Although prices giving were in Yuan, and have been converted to $ us we will meet with figures in euros that also looks pretty realistic. 15 euros and 250 euros. Relatively high prices if we take into account the latest Intelligent Xiaomi bracelet came with a price less than 30 euros. 150 euros for the cheapest version of the smart clock, which is already a rather high price. Xiaomi could expect to see a clock that was below the 100 euros, but may make it impossible to launch a smart watch with a price so low level features. At the end, and after all, this is what we may already have in a smart bracelet, isn’t it? If we are looking for something more, it is because we really want to be something else, it is, for example, independent of our smartphone.

We assume that the version of 250 euros would be a version with more quality finishes. Whatever it is, the new clock will most likely present in the following months, and will remain to be seen what will be the final price of the same as well as the features that will be. Some key will be your operating system. Will it definitely have Android Wear?

The Xiaomi my Watch article is confirmed, and that could cost this is published at AndroidAyuda.

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