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Xiaomi my VR Play 2, new virtual reality for only 15 euros

Xiaomi already last year launched two devices in virtual reality, the VR Play my Xiaomi and RV my Xiaomi, being the first a very basic and economic version. Now the second version, is released the Xiaomi my VR Play 2. They are neither more nor less than an enhanced remake, it only cost us 15 euros.

Xiaomi my VR 2 Play

Xiaomi my VR Play 2 do not have many new features. Indeed, they are very similar to the previous Xiaomi my VR Play, and it is that in the end and after do not include any electronic component, but they are only a helmet that can use our smartphone as much as core processing Center, as screen. However, have been some improvements over the previous design. For example, the amount of tape that kept virtual reality goggles on his head has been reduced to a single. In addition, also the zipper before closing the compartment was in the smartphone has been removed. This simplifies the design, and gives the option that can be used mobile large-format, although on the other hand, there is nothing that encloses the phone, so to speak. Although it is almost impossible to fall, say that before it was ‘almost’, really it was impossible.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2

15 euros for a Cardboard with style

Best of all, however, is that in reality they are inexpensive virtual reality glasses. And, to be fair, virtual reality goggles not should be able to be called so if they do not include a built-in screen. And there are few spectacles that include a display, to be a case of the Samsung VR Gear, which have a significantly higher price than the sunglasses of this type. Even so, other options like the Xiaomi my VR Play 2, as it is the Google View Daydream, whose price is $80, and they do not offer anything extra to these glasses of Xiaomi, so it becomes the latter a great choice for those who want something cheap. At the end, and after all, they are as the original Google Cardboard, with much more quality, and with a similar price.

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