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Xiaomi my MIX, 7 Plus iPhone threatening with a mobile without bevels

In these last few weeks have been leaked alleged photos of a new mobile Xiaomi, which seemed to be my Note 2, without any bezels. Thus, it was the ship logo, but another smartphone that would also be present at the launch event. It’s the MIX my Xiaomi, and has been announced as the new prototype mobile screen without bevels that could in the future. This is what awaits us. Often rival the iPhone 7 Plus.

Xiaomi my MIX

Actually the name Xiaomi MIX are you attributed to the screen, because the phone smart has been named in the event as Xiaomi Concept Phone. However, it does not go unnoticed to anyone that might be called finally Xiaomi Mi MIX because that’s how they are called to the full smartphone in the presentation. The key mobile lies on your screen, which disappears almost entirely bezels. And we don’t talk about it to disappear just a little, not, but that they disappear from truth. The screen reaches to the ends side, but also to the end upper, and almost to the end lower. This is achieved to integrate a 6.4-inch screen on a smartphone that has no larger than the iPhone 7 Plus. The ratio of screen in the front is of nothing less that the 91.3%, compared with the 67.7% that we see in the phone of Apple.

Xiaomi Mi MIX

Where is the camera front, the speaker and the sensor of proximity?

If had something that us seemed impossible of them leaks that until now had seen of this mobile, was that a smartphone not could include all screen, without bevels, to the have that integrated in the front a speaker, and the sensor of proximity, as well as the camera front. However, with Xiaomi MIX, this has been fixed. Basically, the size of the front camera module has been reduced, and is it located in the bottom corner, occupying just a small space under the screen. With respect to the sensor of proximity, this already not is infrared, but uses the ultrasound. So, is located behind the screen. The sound system is a system of ceramics, is also behind the screen, and who is responsible for sending audio able to vibrate our auditory sensors, we can receive the audio without any direct physical connection. It is something that had already been applied in other devices, and now comes this smartphone to be able to dispense with the handset.

High level design

If the great Jony Ive is the image of the Apple design, Xiaomi wanted to also join the image of one of the greatest in the world of design, Philippe Stark, who is responsible for the juice Squeezer shaped alien, and Louis Ghost chairs, which already has sold more than one million around the world. Products of well known reputation among designers.

And it is that MIX my Xiaomi also stands out for its design. He mobile is made in ceramic, and that includes both the housing rear as the frame of the phone intelligent, what us takes already to power say that the ceramic is the new standard of the design premium. Also, the components of the design of the mobile are set without need of adhesives or adhesive, by what the smartphone should be relatively easy of repair, something that called it attention, certainly any.

But all of this without forgetting that the smartphone comes with its own leather case European, that fits perfectly with your Smartphone, and that becomes the best choice for those who want to continue to enjoy the great design of this phone but without that this could damage.

Xiaomi my 18K MIX

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