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Xiaomi my Drone, you need to use it in Spain

Xiaomi my Drone is being billed as one of the drones with best quality/price ratio to be able to record 4 k and capture photos in RAW, with a price that does not exceed 500 euros. However, still having problems when using it in Spain. What we really need in our country to use such drone?

Recreational use

We begin by addressing a first field of use of the drone, which is as recreational use. It is not very clear what recreational use and what isn’t, but at the end, and after the long remote control helicopters, and aircraft can be used so it was clear that the use of drones could not be limited too. We can simply say that recreational use is all that that we are not going to get a professional benefit. If you’re not photographer, if not you are recording a video to then sell it, and simply these flying the drone for pleasure, can be considered a recreational use. If that is the case, you don’t need a license of flight. In principle, you will not need any special permission, and will only have to avoid flying the drone in populated areas, including cities, or where there are major centres of concentration of people. The latter is relative, and you will have to judge you.

Xiaomi Mi Drone

Professional use

If you want to sell your videos, there are no changes in regards to the use on populations. You can not use it in populated areas. In fact, it is one of the big limitations, but on the other hand obvious, in order not to damage both to people as urban furniture in case of losing control of the drone, or that this fall, for example, on a busy road and an accident of traffic.

However, if we are not talking about a recreational use, you’ll also need a flight license. This will depend on the type of drone that you have. Usually we talk about drones weighing less than 0.5 kg, so you can get the most basic license. It is ideal to make it fly in a flight area not restricted or controlled. Obviously, far from airports and cities. You will have to learn well what these areas and what not. Although we still have-looking comment that it is vital.

You need a certain

When you go to fly a drone, you need insurance that cover up to 300,000 euros, either for professional or recreational use. The fine could amount up to 6,000 euros, for what we are talking about a really high cost. If your drone is small, it is likely that the fine not you imposed, although there is the legal ability to fine you, so it is something to keep in mind.

Today, it is possible to fly with a drone, and even likely that if we fly without licence or insurance we do not receive any fine. However, there is the possibility that if the fine is imposed, and in this case, not us there will come nothing profitable purchase of the drone. Perhaps remains when expected to amend the regulations regarding the use of drones.

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