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Xiaomi my 5s phone it’s official, privy to all their details

The new high-end of the Asian company Xiaomi model is already completely official, and does so with the nomenclature Xiaomi my 5s , which has already been mentioned quite for some time. We tell you everything what you must know this model coming to compete with the best in the market and with a surprise.

After the announcement of a new TV of the company China, the Xiaomi my 5s has made Act of appearance in the event that is has held in the own country Asian, and it true is that not has disappointed (something that not is very simple in them days that run). The case is that as expected the AMOLED screen of this terminal is 5.25, with a panel that reaches a Full HD resolution and 600 nits brightness. Therefore, the quality of image appears more than insured.

Diseño del Xiaomi Mi 5s

He design metallic of the device is quite attractive, with a change in them lines where the softness of these is maintains and the sensor of the camera back is quite corner, there will be that see if this annoying to the grab in orientation landscape at the time of make photos. The case, is that the appeal of the device is undeniable – very similar to the iPhone, that is quite evident-, and there is a step forward in this regard.

Esquina del Xiaomi Mi 5s

Which type of device would be

The processor of the Xiaomi my 5s, as is expected, is a Snapdragon 821 -that ensures recharge fast Quick Charge 3.0- with four nuclei that works to a frequency of 2.4 GHz and that in its inside integrates a GPU Adreno 530, by what the power not is precisely a problem, even with the game more demanding. As for the RAM, this is 4 GB type LPDDR4, so it doesn’t lack in speed this.

Imagen trasera del Xiaomi Mi 5s

The reader’s traces is in the part front of the Xiaomi my 5s, integrated in the glass, including the technology of Qualcomm that you allows recognize ultrasonic (generating flat, most useful images) and therefore is integrated into the screen without you have to have a button to use. This is one of them large advances of the company China in this model, and is an element differential that, according to them, works much better -more fast and precise working in less than a second-that any of them accessory of this type integrated in others models, as for example the iPhone 7.

Indeed, also is important comment that in the new Xiaomi my 5s is includes technology NFC to perform payments (the company has of its own service in your country of origin) and is compatible with 4 G +, by what it connectivity in mobility is quite good. I.e. that moves in relation to connectivity in this evolution. With regard to the port USB, the chosen is type C.

Uso de NFC con el Xiaomi Mi 5s

Cameras and more

The cameras included with Xiaomi my 5s are advanced, with an application that offers a professional mode that allows to manage sections when it comes to Tomás as for example ISO sensitivity (has been seen a range that goes from the 100 to the 6400 in the presentation). Sensors are the following: the main 16-Megapixel and 4 megapixel front, with sensor CMOS of Sony IMX378 1/2. 3″ and 1.55 microns.

Here we have some examples of photographs that have been shown in the presentation of the new device:


Storage comes in two options 64 and 128 GB, in both cases type UFS 2.0 which ensures a good work rate. And this is the factor fundamental apra know the price of the new Xiaomi my 5s. The first of them variants has a cost of 267 euros to the change, while the second reaches the 307 €, by which speak of a good relationship quality / price. The availability of the terminal is located at the end of the year 2016. What you will appreciate the new device from the Chinese company?


Xiaomi my 5s phone article is already official, knows every detail was published in AndroidAyuda.

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