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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Xiaomi my Watch will arrive in August

It seems that the month of August will be one of the most important months of the year 2016 in regards to the releases of this year. We already know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will arrive in August rather than in September, but will not be the only one, and it seems that also could land finally in August Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Watch my Xiaomi.

Releases in August

August would finally be the month chosen for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and nothing would come more and nothing less than day 2 of the coming month. I.e., that the week coming would be already presented the new smartphone. However, it would not be the only Smartphone that will launch in August. It is usually a month in which there is no big releases, but there will be big releases in this month of August, and not only from Samsung. It seems that Xiaomi will also launch a great smartphone this year, and up to a smart watch.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro

The new smart phone would be Xiaomi Mi Note 2. This smartphone will be the new great mobile Xiaomi, and will feature a large format screen. It will be a strong competitor to Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which will share up to last name. Whatever it is, it will come in August, and the technical features of your Smartphone will be then confirmed.

Xiaomi my Watch

Another great release would be a smart watch that we have spoken for a long time but which had no more news. It would be intelligent clock Xiaomi, which finally reach the market. This clock smart highlight by something, by being dedicated to an end concrete, something that not occurs with them watches smart of the market. However, this would be intended for the world of sport. We will see what are the features that count, and if really can be a clock with really good features. Whatever it is, it will come in August, along with Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

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