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Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 will correct defects of the MIX my Xiaomi

Xiaomi my MIX was perhaps the most innovative of the released smartphone last year. With its screen without bevels, it established a model to copy for other manufacturers. This year will reach Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, and will feature fixes for some of the defects of the original smartphone, as it will happen with the headphone audio.

Xiaomi Mi 2 MIX

If there is a mobile phone that has come to become a small revolution in a market that seemed rather static, that was undoubtedly the MIX my Xiaomi. But it is curious how in a few months we have forgotten it. Of course, it is due to the fact that the mobile market is so. No one remembers what was launched six months ago. However, the new MIX 2 my Xiaomi will launch soon, and will become again a great choice for users seeking a high level mobile.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Blanco

One of the novelties of the smartphone will be the handset system. Well, actually it will be deleted, as in the first MIX my Xiaomi. So the screen occupy all the front, there can be no present a handset taking up space. In the previous smartphone was used a ceramic unit that turned the electrical signal into mechanical, and used the mobile frame to transmit the sound via the display. At the end, and after the sound are vibrations of particles, so anything might be potentially a handset.

The new Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 will change the system, and replace this ceramic component. The company has reached an agreement with AAC Technologies, to use its technology in the new phone. The key to this new system would be that it would improve the quality of the audio from the headset, which use for calls, mainly in low frequency sounds, the more complex when we speak of acoustic elements of small size.

While the previous MIX my Xiaomi technology was new, the truth is that some users have not been very happy with the quality of the audio. This is corrected in the new Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. But again, we’re talking about innovation, so finally the overall results may not be expected. We will have to wait until that smartphone, launch something that we do not know when there will be after Xiaomi Mi 6 just to be released to the market. Although in my opinion, it is likely that arrives this summer.

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