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Xiaomi Mi 6 would come in three versions with these features

Xiaomi Mi 6 is another of the major smartphones of the year 2017. Not leave of get news about them features with which will be and your date of release, and it true is that still not is clear. Although it seems that will be three versions which will come, and it will be a more high-end mobile.

Three versions with different processor

He Xiaomi Mi 6 would come in three versions, something that not seems strange in a company that launches a great amount of mobile and that launches variants of each one of them every few months. However, not talk of versions that will arrive some months after as versions more economic or versions more advanced, or versions manufactured with other materials. Not. In reality we are talking about three versions exactly equals the same mobile in which only vary the processor.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus Colores

These three versions are called Xiaomi my 6S, Xiaomi my 6E and Xiaomi my 6 p. Where would my 6 Xiaomi? I also I you ask. Is as is, those rumors we say that the Xiaomi my 6S would be the smartphone that would count with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. My Xiaomi 6E would be the motive that would have the processor MediaTek helium X 30 ten-core. And the Xiaomi my 6 p would be the mobile that would be with the new processor’s design own Pinecone of Xiaomi, also of range high.

What is best? Difficult of tell. It is believed that this last will be the more premium of all. Seems logical if have in account that Xiaomi can optimize the performance of its own processor to the have it designed precisely for this mobile. Probably the version with the MediaTek will not be the best. And the version with the processor from Qualcomm could have a problem, the date of release.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus

The latest rumors give us different release dates for Xiaomi Mi 6. Some say that it will be in February, others will be delayed to April, as the Samsung Galaxy S8. The key for them two mobile will launch more afternoon would be the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Not surprisingly, then, thinking that there would be a possible launch in February with two versions of mobile do not have Qualcomm processor, as they would be my Xiaomi 6E and my Xiaomi 6 p, and that in April would be available with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mi Xiaomi 6S version. But this is only an argument for which we don’t have no basis. The only thing we know is that there would be three versions, and the release date do not know it.

Xiaomi Mi 6 of high-end

Regarding the rest of the specifications, we will find a mobile high range, which would be also the same in all three versions. It would be a 6 GB RAMmemory, which would be sufficient to achieve maximum performance. In addition, your screen would have a Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixel, what would be a major improvement, not knowing yet what will be the size of the screen. He would tell the mobile with a dual camera with two 16-Megapixelsensors, and a front 4-megapixel camera (with photosites of large size to capture more light). And we do not forget two more details, such as the 3,000 mAh battery with Quick Charge 4.0 Quick charging technology, and Android 7.0 Nougat as a version of the operating system.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus Cámara

Its launch, its price, and of course, its appearance and design, still would be details that would be to realize. But from here until February, we will still learn more Xiaomi Mi 6 data probably.

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