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Xiaomi Mi 6, unveiled its specifications and punctuation in AnTuTu

The official presentation of Xiaomi Mi 6 expected for this week. But Xiaomi has decided otherwise and on their official website has shown a new date: the Conference will be April 19 at the University of Beijing and will present the new Chinese phone.

Although your form details are not known officer, leaks and rumors are revealing for days will be like brand new phone. In recent days has released its front glass that integrates an iris scanner and large bevel around the screen. Apart from rumors, already some have been seen features of Mi6 in the AnTuTu database.

Xiaomi Mi 6 has undergone AnTuTu scoring 170,000 points, high growth for the brand than with their my 5s got 131,000 points of performance. Xiaomi Mi 6, according to the performance test, would come to be placed at the top of the table, above the OnePlus 3T and very close to the iPhone 7 (although very far in its price). Away, however, a scoring strained earlier this year that talked about my 6 had broken the barrier of the 200,000 points, something never before achieved by a mobile phone.

Xiaomi MI 6, features

New phone Xiaomi, as it has been seen and AnTuTu, has a processingr 835 Snapdragon SoC, 549 Adreno graphics processor and a 4GB RAM. The internal storage of the phone is of 64 GB. All this will make it possible to run the telefpono with MIUI 8, Xiaomi based layer in Android 7.1.1.

The high-end Xiaomi is expected with a 5.1-inch screen with FullHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, as it has been knowing these days. From the camera, the phone will have a 12 megapixel main camera and a front-facing camera for selfies, 8MP.

Expected that the phone has a top model, The 6 Plus my Xiaomi, which would come with dual camera and larger screen.

AnTuTu Benchmark

Front glass

This week we have seen the front of Xiaomi Mi 6 glass, which has allowed to confirm some of the features that would count as, for example, iris scanner mobile. XIaomi Mi 6, according to the images, will have large Bezels and some elements on the face as a speaker, the Chamber and the Home button at the bottom. This big button Home will also act as a fingerprint reader. At his side, capacitive touch buttons.

Iris scanner will be present at the front of the phone, as it has been seen with this front glass.


Xiaomi Mi 6 price

It has not been submitted formally but in recent days rumors of terminal have left even show what will be the price of the same. If the source of the rumors is in the ICLS, the new high-end Xiaomi bet by the quality but without renouncing its ‘low cost’, although this time raising the price in comparison to the company than usual. Xiaomi Mi 6 will have a price of 463 dollars in its most basic version and $ 579 for the larger and more powerful version.

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