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Xiaomi Mi 6 could finally arrive on 6 February

Its release would not be for April, March, or for the Mobile World Congress 2017. It seemed that Xiaomi had problems. But nothing further from the truth. The company will follow at your own pace. On February 6, there will be a great event of Xiaomi, and apparently, it is possible that Xiaomi Mi 6 is already announced.

Xiaomi Mi 6?

Almost seems a challenge that the company presented this February 6 the new Xiaomi Mi 6. It would be because, in reality, had several reasons to think that it is not possible. One of them is that Xiaomi not is in its best time, after not having announced them results of sales of the year last by have been too low with regard to it expected, and after Hugo bar, one of them maximum representatives of the company has abandoned Xiaomi heading of turned to United States. One of them is that, in theory, Xiaomi Mi 6 was going to have the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and it was said that this would be a temporary exclusive Samsung Galaxy S8, which would not come until March. For this reason many other high-end mobiles would not launch before March. And finally, using as a basis the above was believed that the announcement that Xiaomi wouldn’t be at the Mobile World Congress 2017 would have to do with all this, and that the company would remain on side until I got to regain relevance, perhaps in March or April.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus Cámara

But not, it seems to be the other way around, and they may be those who submitted the first mobile phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. It is said now, February 6 could be the day in which the event of presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi 6, the flagship of the company. The smartphone would come in three versions, as already I said, two of them with this processor, and one another with MediaTek helium X 30. Whatever it is, a mobile of high level, which will compete with the best, and that will be a surprise if finally Yes has just been released, as they say, on 6 February.

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