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Xiaomi Mi 6 appears confirming its dual camera

More features are still confirming Xiaomi Mi 6 when very little time for the final release of the mobile is left. The last has to do with a key feature in smartphones, camera. And it is that in this case, the camera will be dual, something that seemed likely, but that was not confirmed.

Dual camera for my 6 Xiaomi

In fact, as much as we say that it is confirmed, yet it’s official data, since the mobile has not been filed yet, and will have to wait until then to already speak of the official and definitive characteristics of the new Xiaomi Mi 6. However, we can say that now it is very obvious that the camera that will be the new vessel Xiaomi logo will be a dual camera.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Camara Dual

This dual Xiaomi camera would come to rival dual cameras we’ve seen in many other smart phones since last year, including the iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the Huawei P9 and P10 Huawei. However, there is no clear what will be the technology of dual camera which will have the smartphone, and can be two options. There might be a camera with monochrome sensor and another sensor color, style of the Leica with Huawei technology, in such a way that it captures more light with a sensor and two catches are combined into a single picture; or it could be also the technology that we’ve seen in the iPhone 7 Plus, which is based on the inclusion of two cameras with lenses of different focal length, in order to have an ideal lens for landscape and other ideal for portrait.

Whatever it is, this Xiaomi Mi 6 already, it will come to compete with the big mobile market of smartphones in it comes to the technology of the camera. This would be key, because the large mobile Xiaomi have always lacked a great camera.

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