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Xiaomi launches PatchROM, MIUI 8 in order to all mobile

Xiaomi wants your ROM, which is installed on all mobiles of the Chinese company, to be available not only in its smartphones, but also in the vast majority of smart phones on the market. By that has released PatchROM, a tool with which is may adapted MIUI 8 to all the mobile, or almost all, of the market.

PatchROM, MIUI 8 in all mobile

Although Xiaomi is known by their smartphones with a great relationship quality / price, also is known by the ROM installed on their smartphones and that has arrived to be available, even officially, for others mobile, as is MIUI. This ROM has already reached version MIUI 8, 7.0 Android-based Nougat, and is now undergoing tests in 5 Mi Xiaomi. However, you will not only get to this smartphone. What’s more, not only it will be available in the Xiaomi, because now the Chinese company has announced PatchROM, a tool with which you can adapt MIUI 8 to any mobile. In principle, has compatibility with 500 different models of the world, which leads us to think that, in fact, the idea of Xiaomi than many smartphones can count on MIUI 8.


In principle, so you can use this tool, the only requirement is that the smartphone has 6.0 Android Marshmallow. From here, the company has conducted a survey to know the interest of the users and in which smartphones would arrive before an adapted version of MIUI 8. The survey is available on its website, and you can participate, although obviously, any mobile phone that has already become popular in the list is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but there are also others as the Huawei P9, the live X 9, or the Meizu Pro 6, all high-end smartphones, and the majority of Chinese origin.

However, it must be said that PatchROM is available for local mobile, China, both as for the mobile international. Approximately half of those 500 for each region, so there will be a great support for this tool, which is now available on GitHub, and that will require some knowledge of ROMs so that you can work with it and adapt MIUI 8 to any smartphone. Whatever it is, it will be very useful so that we will soon see this ROM in a variety of smart phones.

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