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Xiaomi launches its own smart clock, a cheap Apple Watch

Xiaomi has decided to compete with Apple by copying your smart watch. And is that the new Hey 3S seems both in appearance and features to the Apple Watch. So the new smart watch posed Xiaomi, much cheaper than the Cupertino.

Xiaomi smart watch is an Apple Watch cheap

Xiaomi has decided to finally launch their own intelligent clock having launched no fewer than three Smart bracelets Xiaomi my Band that they have managed to be even more sold than the own Apple Watch. And the truth is that the company did not want to launch a totally revolutionary smart clock. It is clearly based on the watch of Apple. But it is much cheaper. In fact, it is equal in technical, but without all the paraphernalia that makes it expensive, and is not useful.

Xiaomi Hey 3S Apple Watch Barato

So, we have a clock that is clearly oriented to the sport. It very reminiscent of the version of the Apple Watch with customization of Nike. It is designed to withstand submerged in the water, and can be used for swimming, being able to withstand a depth of 50 meters. In addition, we cannot forget that integrates GPS, so it will be able to monitor our routes without need for the smartphone.

Of course, it also includes what already were in the smart bracelet, as it is the case of the pedometer to count steps, heart rate monitor for our hearts, and some other movement sensors to perform precise calculations.

Its screen is 1.38 inches, square, with LCD, technology and of course, touch, with two buttons, one to each side of the housing of the smart clock. Your belt is sporty and resistant, prepared to use it without fear of breakage or damage. And the smart watch comes in three colors. With a battery which offers an autonomy of about 30 days.

We do not forget neither Bluetooth 4.2 that smart clock is connected to the smartphone, and gives us the option to receive notifications on screen, manage music and calls.

Xiaomi Apple Watch barato

This Apple Watch with Xiaomi name is a smart watch that becomes platform company with an approximate 75 euroscrowdfunding, and that is a product of one of the companies of Xiaomi, actually being the WeLoop Hey 3S.

While Apple Watch is an interesting watch, but with an expensive price, this Xiaomi Watch has a much cheaper price, and very similar functions. So it could become the best choice for those looking for a Cheap Apple Watch.

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