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Write quickly capitalized in Gboard, the keyboard from Google

Gboard is the renewed Google keyboard that aspires to be the best available for Android keyboard. In fact likely, that it either. We have spoken many times of how useful that is the time to write. And now are going to speak of another function with which speed up the writing. This is how write quickly capitalized in Gboard.

You can someday touch keyboards get even better physical keyboards. In some key respects they are already better. For example, the script by sliding the finger is not possible on a physical keyboard. Usually the use of them keyboard physical nor usually involve the AutoCorrect, what us takes to have that introduce manually them accents and them uppercase.

She writes quickly capitalized in Gboard

For an informal writing, the touch pad is already probably more useful than the physical keyboard. But when is is of a drafting formal in which not can have errors, use the keyboard touch carries some disadvantages. Not always them tildes appear when are necessary, the caps appear to the beginning of each phrase, but keyboard not is capable of recognize when are writing a name own.

At least, not always. This brings us to having to write sometimes manually on the touch keyboard. Letter to letter. But thanks to Gboard, each time have more functions that we facilitate all type of writing with our Android, both the writing of texts informal, as the drafting of texts formal.


If we are using writing by gestures in our mobile and want to write a letter on a voluntary basis, we have a trick to do this easily in Gboard. When we use the writing by gestures, it is usually because don’t we can be by pressing different keys of the keyboard, probably because we are using the keypad with one hand. If this is the case, having to press the key of the capital and then the corresponding letter, is something that is going to slow down much when we are writing.

But with Gboard, only have that use a gesture to enter a capital letter. By pressing from the key Shift (uppercase) and sliding toward any key, can introduce a capital of form manual where we want. Another little trick of Gboard is very well know if we use this keyboard, and that makes it a great choice to write any kind of texts.

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