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With Silk Paints you dibujarás on the screen of your Android in particular

Paint on the screen of Android phones has gone from being something rare, to be held without problems in the vast majority of devices (notably those offered by multitouch panels). As well, with Silk Paints it is possible to take advantage of to obtain images of the most striking with fluorescent colors.

One of the best features of the Silk Paints application is that it is very easy to use, so it is recommended apr all users, both adults and children. This does not mean that you can create drawings of quality and advanced, on the contrary, there is no doubt what it must do to mark the strokes or, failing that, delete what has been painted. Therefore, talk about a development for all ages.

Inicio de la aplicación Silk Paints
Aviso de de la aplicación Silk Paints

That Yes, in the free version of the work options offered are limited, but sufficient to achieve results more than decent. For example, it is possible to change the fluorescent color that is drawn and, also, the background is variable… but the truth is that the initial black is the best fit. Indeed, as in many developments Android, Silk Paints offers a side menu that allows you to jump from one place aanother in quick and intuitive way.

A detail that has to learn Silk paints it is possible share the creacione in a simple way. Thus, if the smaller of the caa has managed to make a striking drawing, this you can send by courier or email to contacts. The truth is that this is not a spectacular added, but there are some developments that do not include this.

Menú lateral de la aplicación Silk Paints
Fondos de la aplicación Silk Paints

Using Silk Paints

The truth is that not already great complexity in the use of Silk Paints. You select the color you want to paint (the background is changed if desired), and simply began to paint in a natural way. With your finger, it is possible to get solvent results, but it is with a stylus with which it is possible to get the best out of this development – and does not have to be the Pen of the Galaxy S Note. The case, is learning how to handle the application question, like, three minutes.

But, in addition to painting, Silk Paints offers content that they are interesting and helpful. An example are the desktop wallpapers that are included, all of them created with you own development and apart from to be able to use them without any problems, showing what is possible to do with it. There are typical of animals to include human form. By the way, the images that are created with this work are stored on the SD card, so not abused the internal storage of the phone or tablet.

Colores de la aplicación Silk Paints
Trazo de la aplicación Silk Paints

An important detail is that the creations have a maximum resolution of 1080 p , so you can give is use in a large number of current devices natively (although, also, in the QHD are well the images as we have seen). Thus, the results to the make use of multitouch screens options fit without problems in many of those who belong to the current average both high-end models.

Contenido de la aplicación Silk Paints
Posibilidades de la aplicación Silk Paints

Download Silk Paints

It is possible to get Silk Paints in Galaxy Apps stores and Play Store without this costs absolutely nothing . This development, easy to use and striking findings is an option that should be tested, especially if you like to create with your Android device.  In short, a work that is worthwhile and not cost anything, is always positive to give him a chance.

Tabla de información de Silk Paints

Download the Silk Paints application.

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