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With S Translator traducirás all of way easy on your Samsung Galaxy

If you are already with suitcases in hand, since going on vacation to a place that is far away, depart from congratulate you and wish you to spend it very well, we will provide a tool for your terminal Android that we hope will be useful. Talk of S Translator, a development that is free.

The download of this work is performed from the shop Galaxy Apps, that is the shop that have available them models of the company Korean and that only is possible find in these of form native. The fact is that in S Translator texts that are inserted manually can be translated easily. Also, is possible use the microphone of the smartphone to perform a dictated and, thus, that the development it understand and offer some results appropriate. In this way, you can give use both with what you say as what you say people from another country and thus establish conversations.

Interfaz S Translator
Traduciendo en S Translator

One of the details that most not liked S translator is that the interface is quite simple, since it offers what is usually the starting in other similar works: the screen is divided into two parts so that on the one hand the language of origin is set (the amount is very high) and, on the other, you will want to see the result. Indeed, this development not offers the possibility of taking a picture and directly translate what you see in it, what is possible with some works of the competition.

There are some icons in S Translator offered the option of running directly own shares of the application, such as translating or unmute the microphone of the terminal. But there is one that is should know: which has of an image that represents a mouth with a lines rolling that out of it. With the the action of read what’s on the screen and that is heard by the smartphone speaker. This is a most useful tool when you are in places that no knowledge of the language spoken is not available. A detail here: it so that everything goes well is recommended download packages of high quality that are specific to the language to use, something that is free but it is recommended to make network WiFi.

Interfaz de S Translator
Ajustes de S Translator

S options Translator

Inside this application includes some support options that are welcome. For example, there is a listing with phrases of common use (or known as the “made”) that can be use with just choose the desired, and then select the language in which you want to view the text. Even, it is possible to press the speaker and the microphone directly listening to everything you need. This to more than one you will save the life to the go to take a beer or simply to the buy a ticket of aircraft.

This development using Internet and a database that has the company Korean for S Translator. This can lead despite the fact that the Privacy is not one of the best details from development. But, the truth is that data will be erased on an ongoing basis and in the settings there is even, a section that allows you to do this in a direct way with S Translator. Finally, it is interesting to know that always is the interface of work a button to copy the text that is handled, so it is very easy to use this, and then paste the results in options like WhatsApp or Gmail.

Frases S Translator
Posibilidades de S Translator

Download S Translator

S Translator application is downloaded free from Galaxy Apps. Its compatibility is very large, since you need OS Android 4.1 or higher. It has a utility beyond doubt and, due to its simple use, the truth is that it is worth having it installed on your Samsung phone. By the way, that we must not pay absolutely nothing to get the language packs what is positive.

Tabla de S Translator

S download Translator at Galaxy Apps.

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