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With MIUI 9 you can uninstall apps from the system in the Xiaomi

Many Xiaomi awaiting to receive the update to MIUI 8, but meanwhile Xiaomi engineering team already has an eye on MIUI 9, the new version based on Android 7.1 Nougat that will come in the future, and one of the novelties that will incorporate will be able uninstall apps from the system.


Many manufacturers customize the firmware installed on the smartphones that market. This means that even though they use Android, this carries a high level of customization, to such an extent that sometimes many functions that take these mobile are very different functions that are integrated into Android. Even in cases like the Xiaomi, with MIUI, we have a fully customizable platform by the manufacturer that offers an experience that in many cases or reminiscent of the Android. In general, this also has a problem, and is that these software platforms usually have a large number of services and applications of the manufacturer that they are apps from the system and cannot be uninstall. Take the case of a Notes application, when we are users of Google Keep. We will be obliged to have the app in the system that we do not use, and Google Keep, taking up space. A possible solution is mobile root and uninstall the app, but when it is an app of the system, uninstall it can affect other services and more in an interface like MIUI with a high level of customization by Xiaomi. However, is going to change with MIUI 9, the version based on Android 7.1 Nougat that will be coming soon to mobile phones of the company.

MIUI 9 Portada

Uninstalling the system apps

Ma Ji, the Product Manager for MIUI, who said announced it with MIUI 9 you may uninstall applications on the system, and that this does not affect the functioning of the rest of the mobile services. In this way, we can uninstall the app’s notes without affecting other services, and without having to root the phone, what is really remarkable.

It more curious of all is that Xiaomi is starting to launch their own applications, which normally van integrated in the system, in the Google Play Store, so any user, with any smartphone, can install their application of calculator, for example, that is the first that have released. A good progress by Xiaomi MIUI to make an interface much easier to use for users.

Article with MIUI 9 you can uninstall apps from the system in the Xiaomi was published in AndroidAyuda.

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