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With Gravity Duck you solve levels with a duck aided by gravity

If you wonder what game you can prove this weekend that begins now, we are going to tell you one that will surely surprise you with how addictive that despite how easy your approach. His name is Gravity Duck is puzzle. You can download it in the shop Play Store without complication one.

The idea of this title is nothing complex: driving a duck in yellow you have to get to the final (output) of each of the most of 100 levels who made up the game. This is nothing new, but the effect achieved by the action of gravity, it is because you have to have enough torque ability that the protagonist is not finished starred or skewered by some of the spikes that appear.

The fact is that in every move that is made duck shoots towards the place that are running their legs, so it is necessary that there is always a safe place where to drop or continue in full motion. And this is complex, since there are quite a few obstacles that must be overcome with the use of the touch screen. The case, is that Gravity Duck turns out of it more fun.

Juego Gravity Duck

For all audiences

This is one of the strengths of Gravity Duck due to how easy that is to handle, is suitable both for older people as those who are not so. In addition, the content is not particularly aggressive, so there is no problem for children to use. As for the graphics, this is suitable, but it is not the best aspect of the game, but the truth is that it is not very important. As for the sound, there is no great fanfare not.

Case is that collect golden eggs, which is what it is when it comes to finish each level, is something that is of the most fun with Gravity Duck while using the virtual “pad” that appears on the screen (which does not lack an action button). It is essential to control the gravity and, personally, I must say that I enjoy quite the game. In addition, their retro look is very interesting for those who already have an age.

Juego Android Gravity DuckJuego Gravity Duck

The download of Gravity Duck is performs from Play Store by what the installation is of it more simple and also, is can be sure of the reliability of the content. In the terms of which must be taken to give use, having Android 2.3 or higher and 30 MB space in the terminal. Other games for Google’s operating system you can meet them in this Android help link.

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