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With FingerSecurity you will increase the protection of your Android device

Little by little the fingerprint reader on the phone and tablets using increases in what refers to the available options. Thus, apart from the release of the device in question, add security options as those offered by FingerSecurity. This development is that talk so that, for example, to set the fingerprint reader as an essential gateway to open an application.

In this way, if the mobile terminal is left to a friend so you can see some pictures or to a child so that you play, must not be afraid one to close the application active that he is Yes to that you use and, therefore, that can open any other without the corresponding permit. Therefore, FingerSecurity is a security tool the more convenient and, of course, useful.

Uso de FingerSecurity

Get this is possible on devices with Android Marshmallow , that is where Google has included native API for fingerprint readers and that FingerSecurity makes use to perform their work. Development costs absolutely nothing, and can be downloaded from Play Store using the image that we leave after this paragraph.

WP-Appbox: FingerSecurity (*, Google Play) →

Use of FingerSecurity

If it meets the requirement of the operating system and has a built-in fingerprint reader, the next thing is to install the development. This, if a trail has not been given high will be asked make this and, at the end, you have access to the Options the application to establish the conditions that will trigger their use.

Once you have customized the options FingerSecurity, comes to apply the use of the work when it comes to open applications. This is as simple as accessing the tab named applications (Yes, is translated) and to add that would be protected by the use of the fingerprint reader. Proceed here has no complication, since you just have to click the icon in the lower – right – and select one after the other. Ah! And all this not forget to activate the slider that triggers the use of development, since otherwise it will not work.

Alta de aplicaciones en FingerSecurity
Ajustes FingerSecurity

As you can see, the use of FingerSecurity is not nothing complicated and its usefulness quite large in relation to the safety of advanced form if you have an integrated fingerprint reader. Other interesting applications can also find them in this Android help link.

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