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Will your Android mobile abroad work on? This is what you must analyze

I remember the time that mobile phones had to be triband or quadband to operate abroad. It would seem that that is not so, but it is not true. If you’re travelling abroad, you have to analyze several aspects to know if your mobile is compatible there.

Is it compatible with which networks?

Probably your phone is compatible with 2G and 3G. And in addition, it is also possible that it is compatible with 4 G. Now, it isn’t compatible with all bands. For example, recently has begun to use the 800 MHz band in Spain for 4G. But if you are going to travel abroad, the allocation of frequencies is not the same. How to know if your mobile is compatible? First, you have to know with what frequency bands supports your mobile. This usually varies in each network mode. It will be compatible with 2 g frequencies, with others in 3 G and other 4 g. Then you have the example of the G5 motorcycles marketed in Europe so you can get an idea.

Tres tarjetas SIM de diferentes tamaños: SIM, Micro SIM y Nano SIM

Are you going to purchase a SIM card where are you going?

If you purchase a SIM in the country where you are going with a number of that country, you must take into account the frequencies used by this operator for each of the modes of network. With the previous data, and that you’ve now obtained, you will know if your mobile can connect to the network of this operator in the different modes of coverage if your mobile is compatible with these certain frequencies. It is possible that your mobile is not compatible with all network modes. As advice, you should at least have 3 G compatibility. It is the most widespread at this time, and offers a sufficient connection speed to be able to use communication applications and surf the Internet without any problems.

You are going to use your SIM with data roaming

The last option is roaming, or roaming. In other words, you will use your own number, but allowing to connect to networks in the country. This can consume a lot of money if your carrier does not offer roaming unlimited in this country, as it is the case with Vodafone in the United States and Europe. However, if you still want to connect, you must observe the network of the operator in the destination country that offers coverage to your operator in Spain. Actually, it will be how to use a card of this operator, what you will need to locate which has agreement with your operator in the country, and then follow the previous step.

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