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Will two watches Google receive October 4? Probably not

It seemed that October 4 would be the day that were going to get many new features from Google. And Yes, actually it will be so. But it also seems that one which would finally arrive will not be present in the event of the coming week. We talked about the new watches that Google could launch to the market. Two watches smart that would count with Android Wear and that now believe that not be released the 4 of October.

Without Google watches

So far Google had not launched any own smart clock. All the watches smart that is had released with Android Wear were manufactured by companies as Huawei, Motorola, Lenovo, Sony, LG and company, but none of Google as the new Pixel. However, with the arrival of these Pixel, and even before that I speak of these smartphones, began to talk about the launch two new smart watches of Google, one larger and smaller, that would compete with Apple Watch and s Samsung Gear. It had said that these watches would come in the month of October, but finally has logical think that not will be so. Yesterday same Google announced the delay of the arrival official of Android Wear 2.0.

Google Watch

These new watches were going to get Android Wear 2.0 and advertisement in the delay of this version of the operating system would fit with a change of the dates of launch of new watches. Google will have more time to work on their new version of the system operating for smarwatches. Also can see how compete with the Apple Watch 2, and even will get so Desaturate the event of the 4 of October, in which already van is van to produce many releases and secure that these watches would lose prominence with regard to all it others.

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