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Will it come someday Sony Nexus?

HTC, Samsung, LG and up to Huawei, have launched a smartphone Nexus. Maybe that over time other companies launch mobile Nexus, as it could be Xiaomi. However, is one of the key players without throwing a Google Mobile. A company that has played a remarkable role in the world of smartphones. Some day come that Sony Xperia Nexus?

Sony Xperia Nexus

Sometimes we have spoken of this mobile Nexus of Sony. In fact, there were moments in which rumors came to speak of this as a real possibility, but was never finally launched the mobile Nexus manufactured by Sony. Curious, when the Japanese company is one of the best mobile manufactures, and a smartphone with Google software could have been an able to compete very well with any iPhone that Apple had been able to launch mobile. However, still remains the hope that one day Google decides to launch a mobile phone with Sony. And, who knows? Perhaps the next.

Sony Xperia X Performance

Some other reason to believe that the next Nexus will be Sony

And attention, not talk about the Nexus of this year. The Nexus of this year will not be Sony, that seems clear. We talked about Huawei, although it appears that they will not be manufacturers, but HTC. Whatever it is, we talk about the next one, that the coming year will be launched. Do we believe that Sony could release a Nexus the coming year? Firstly, because it has abandoned Sony Xperia X series Sony Xperia Z to launch series. It is the best time to launch the Nexus X. All the mobile Nexus have on its behalf any reference to the names of vessels each company’s logo: Galaxy (Samsung Galaxy), Nexus One (One HTC) Nexus, Nexus 6 p (Huawei P9)… Nexus X (Sony Xperia X). Secondly, Google has always chosen to manufacture their smartphones to companies that needed a boost. He chose Samsung at the time because it seemed that the company could compete with Apple, the great rival of Google. He chose LG when the company couldn’t sell all phones needed. You have chosen to HTC now that the company was going through a bad economic time. It has also chosen to Huawei when it seemed that they could become true rivals Apple and Samsung (now rival to Google). And Sony is actually in a similar situation. In fact, talked of selling the mobile division and even close it, so it wouldn’t be nothing wrong a boost in the form of mobile Nexus. Or perhaps just a hope of something that won’t ever happen. Whatever it is, it would be fantastic a mobile with all Sony hardware and software from Google.

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